Stylist Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of American Fork

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Went in to the American fork location to get a light trim, michelle was the stylist asked me what I wanted done, told her on the back to the top of the Collier , on the sides to the top of the ear and take off about a 1/2" She grabbed the clippers and started to buzz cut me , I told her your taking too much off but by then it was to late, she absolutely butchered me and by then just had to try and make it look as good as she could. This cut looks like she used s weed whacker to cut my hair It won't comb out its not layered, it just sticks out all over , it's so short it looks absolutely horrible After I complained she was cutting to much she just kept on cutting till I might as well of had a buzz cut. She then had the gull to charge me for this disaster. Guess I'll have to wear a hat for the next month till it grows out to where I can at least comb it I have usually got a good cut there The more I look at this cut the more pissed off I get , I may not go there again

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